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Stretch Film

Progressive Systems and Packaging is a leader in the pallet wrappers industry, manufacturing automatic, semi-automatic and custom stretch wrappers in North America. We offer a variety of top quality pallet wrappers that allow for high-speed operations and consistent pallet wrapping machine strength.

ECOSUPREME and ECOSUPREME 2 is Progressive Systems and Packaging's newest, premium grade stretch films.

Magnum Cast is the ideal film if you are looking to down-gauge an application or desire very high pre-stretch.

Secure Blown combines extraordinary load-holding force with exceptional puncture and tear resistance to create a film which excels in capturing and holding

Sigma Stretched is the latest innovation from PSP's engineered to outperform all competitive prestretched hand films - regardless of thickness

Summit Cast is Progressive Systems and Packaging's newest, ultra-premium, one side cling, up to 300% pre-stretch, cast co-extruded film.

Supreme is a premium grade film made with special orientation for a stronger film at thinner gauges.

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