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Helios Battery-Powered Strapping Tool

Helios H-45L-1-12 is a battery powered strapping tool with superior features and performance. It is suitable for
most of the strapping requirements in every application. Helios H-45L-1-12 delivers the highest productivity
and performance to meet the customer’s packaging needs. 


  • Easy single hand-held operation
  • For All Kinds of Flat Packages
  • Friction weld sealing technology
  • Automatic mode offers fast, one-button tensioning and sealing. The strapping cycle can be done in less than 3 seconds.
  • Quick and simple adjustments for strap tension and sealing time
  • Easy strap threading
  • Ergonomic and rugged design


  • Suspension bracket (Stiff or Turnable)
  • Bottom base wearing protection plate

Technical Data

Strap Type PP or PET straps
Strap Width 11 mm- 13 mm 
Strap Thickness PET: 0.50 mm-1.05 mm
PP: 0.55 mm-1.05 mm
Maximum Strap Tension 250 kg / 2500 N
Maximum Tension Speed 270 mm / second
Net Weight 4.4 kg (including battery)
Battery Bosch Li-Ion 18VDC 4.0Ah
Battery Charger 115V (110V-120V), 230V (220V-240V) 50/60Hz 1PH

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